Data & Network Security

How can I have peace of mind that my IT Infrastructure is secure?

Our Anti Virus solutions will scan your web traffic for malicious content, malware and spyware. It regularly scans your systems to ensure they are protected and virus free. Our Mail Filtering System will greatly reduce Virus and Spam sent down to your server. This reduces wasted user time trawling through unwanted emails, but also reduces the amount of wasted broadband by quarantining the mail in the Cloud. For example some of our clients receive over 100,000 spam emails a week which are thankfully trapped before they get to their users.

By using Anti Virus software you can be sure your data, PCs and networks are secure. In addition, Firewall solutions add an important layer of protection to your network and can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. They also provide Secure Remote Access if you have remote workers.

Your firewall will block unauthorised access to your computers and network, as a result your data will be protected and you will have a line of defence, in place, against viruses and malware.

We also ensure that our solutions have minimal impact on the performance of your systems.