Hardware & Software Solutions

How can you get the right solution at a competitive price?

From LAN to SAN
From PC to Server
From Outlook to Office 365
From Supply To Install
From Chat To Project Management

BEC Systems will advise you when purchasing hardware or software for your company. This will, not only save money you but, ensure you are getting the right hardware and software to fulfil your requirements.

Procurement for your IT needs becomes easier as we take care of the responsibility to get the right hardware and software for you. Whether your requirement is a laptop, server or SAN, BEC Systems will make sure you get the best deal possible.

Software licensing can be complex, we will provide the expertise to ensure the correct license is purchased and at the best possible price.

Hardware requirements are dealt with easily, we use many brand names Acer, D-Link, HP, Microsoft, Netgear, Sony to name a few. However, we are not tied to any of these brands so will provide completely independent and unbiased advice.

If you also require an installation service for these products we can do this too. We will work closely with you, or your IT department to enable a hassle free installation minimising the impact to your daily operations.