IT Support Services

Would you like the support of an IT department without the significant overheads?

We offer a full range of support packages. We can support just your server, through to all the machines on your network. We also offer remote back ups, for total peace of mind. We specialise in working closely with small and medium size businesses to implement and manage your IT systems and provide day-to-day support, leaving you free to focus on your core business. It is almost like having your own IT department but without the significant cost.

To enable your IT systems to run efficiently, it is recommended that they are routinely monitored and maintained. Our IT managed services programme provides a total care package for your systems, reducing the risk of problems developing and the potential impact on your business. For a fixed monthly cost, you can be assured that your IT systems are monitored and problems are addressed. We provide telephone support and on-site assistance, when required. We also perform monthly scheduled visits, as part of the managed services package, to enable your systems to run efficiently.


  • Fixed monthly cost
  • Greater reliability
  • Remote assistance
  • On-site assistance, when required
  • Scheduled monthly visits
  • Unlimited telephone support